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A portfolio management software developed by property owners

We took a look at our own experiences as property owners and managers, asked questions to learn from our clients, and then passed all that information to our development team. The result developed into a comprehensive, easy-to-use, and efficient portfolio management software that gives property owners with 1-20+ properties the tools they need to effectively organize, manage, and analyze their properties–from anywhere with internet access. We made a deliberate decision to include only the most essential features that would make property owners and other stakeholders day-to-day lives easier. In turn, our software is more affordable than some of our competitors, without comprising on necessary features and functionality. And best of all, it’s quick to setup and easy enough for anyone to use.

Intelica Commercial Real Estate Company is a St. Louis based consulting firm that provides commercial real estate advisory services. Their modern-day full service business model offers unparalleled access to marketing, brand consulting, management and performance improvement services. By understanding their clients’ industries, they help enhance the performance of their clients’ real estate assets and set new standards of excellence.